July 1, 2024
Welcome to the Almoner music ministry website. We want to use this portion of the website to keep you informed and up-to-date on the progress of our mission.

We are glad to be able to offer this most recent posting on the Almoner website. If you are new to the site, we have restated our purpose and plan below. If you are following our progress and sharing our vision we thank you and covet your prayers and participation. We truly hope that the music is a blessing to your walk with Christ. We hope to be sharing encouraging numbers with you soon, as we move towards “Stage two” of our plan.

1) -We believe that this music can be used as an encouragement to listeners. From the beginning, it has always been shared in the hope that if one song, even one line in a song, could bring some light into a darkness, some healing to a brokenness, some comfort or encouragement to one in need, then it will have fulfilled its purpose.
2) – If a song can do that for one person, why not two? Or ten? Or ten thousand?
3) – The Internet is a tool that is practically limitless in its ability to reach multitudes of listeners. Why not use it to make this music available and to also generate funds for Christian ministries that are serving the needy in the Name of Jesus?
For more information please see stages one and two under the “Our Plan” section of the website. We look forward to you sharing the website with others.

Thank you — Almoner