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The Giver, The Gift, & The Giving


The Giver, The Gift, & The Giving Psalm 19:1-2 The heavens declare the Glory of God; The skies proclaim the work of His hands. Day after day they pour forth speech; Night after night they display knowledge. This song celebrates The Creator as understood in, and through, His Creation. The peace of a quiet morning before sunrise, the wind in the trees of some place of rest and solitude, the dwarfing of my soul as I gaze into a star filled sky, and somehow feel akin to it. This song is to me a joyful proclamation of who and what [...]

The Giver, The Gift, & The Giving2020-05-23T22:17:44+00:00

Sing With Me


“Sing With Me” is the song that serves as the anthem for the ministry we want to establish. For several years, we have been praying about the purpose for the gift of this music. It seemed that there could be more done with it beyond sharing it with our immediate circle of family and friends. This song, like all the others, comes from time spent in prayer, reading, and worship. I have never sat down with the self-imposed purpose to write a song; instead I have been moved to communicate through lyrics and music a burden or an understanding in [...]

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