When journeying on a difficult path, where the uphill climb can
reduce the traveler’s vision to one laborious step after another, and
the downhill trek requiring carefully placed steps so as not to slip
and fall, it is well to remember and take comfort in the knowledge
of the brothers and sisters that have successfully gone before us,
and have successfully reached the journey’s end. Those who have
by grace kept their eye single, following in The Author and
Finisher of their faith, Jesus, the captain of our salvation.

This song is meant to be an encouragement to all who walk that
path and strive for that end


Are you listening, are you hearing,
There’s no stopping Him now

Through ages, and ages, and ages
Our songs, raised to You
Through people and time and turned pages
Proved long, proved true
Lifted voice, thankful hearts
Whispered prayer, stops and starts
Freedom wings, over the dark
From ages, through ages

Through hard times and good times and all times
We struggle along
On lonely streets and cold nights,
Wounded hearts and frightened flights
Hidden behind our walls
In my land and your land and their land
Through all our rights, and all our wrongs
Some sleeping , some waking,
To the giving and the taking
That flows and shows through it all

Morning comes, wins the day
But what it brings, well it’s hard to say
Hungry hearts, search and pray
From ages, through ages

Are you listening, are you hearing
In the prisons, of your making
There is healing, there is freedom
There’s no stopping Him now

Come weary and weak and struggling
Come one, come all
Come hungered and thirsty and broken
Fallen low, standing tall
Take this bread, drink this wine
Broken for you, poured out in time
There’s a place, tried and true
From ages, through ages

Take this bread, drink this wine
Slip the bonds, of space and time
In this cross, what’s yours is mine
From ages, to ages
There’s a Grace prepared for you
From ages, to ages
He wouldn’t say it , if it weren’t true
From ages, through ages
To me and you