This song is the result of a conversation I had with a student
who was in the midst of a very difficult family situation – a
suicide attempt by a younger sibling.

We face a hard and shallow culture these days.
Fueled by a hedonistic media and a society of moral relativism,
the situation only appears to be getting worse.

With the advance of on-demand technology and accessibility to
personal devices, the moral and spiritual pollution that pour into
the souls of modern man is a terrible source of hopelessness,
playing havoc with our world.

Everyone is being sold the age-old lie of “self as god,” and the
result is lives that don’t work, families that don’t work, a world
that doesn’t work.

Having just finished reading St. Augustine’s book “Confessions,”
I was reflecting on how the author compares the opening verses of
Genesis to the way in which God creates a new heart in the act of
salvation in Christ. From darkness to light, from chaos to order and peace.

With “Confessions” on one knee, Genesis on the other, and the
conversation with my student on my heart, I wrote this song.


What am I doing here – where am I goin
It’s awful lonely here – is my broken heart showin

let me throw out a line

It’s dark and it’s deep here – without any form
Is this feeling inside me – and there’s got to be more

Let me throw out a line
Seek Him and you shall find

Let there be light – let there be right and wrong
Let it be night and day – give me solid ground to stand on
Let us all be gathered together in one place – let the Truth be
Let Life spring forth – and let that seed be sown
And let the Sun shine – and the moon bright – and the stars set in
the sky
And let the birds fly – and the fish swim – and let them play upon
my eye
And let them dance the dance of life – and let me sing the song
And let it be good – no – let it be very good – and I don’t want to be
We don’t want to be alone

It’s time for a change here – time to be movin on
Something tells me it’s gonna take all I got – my heart my soul my
And all my strength – my whole life long

Let me throw out a line

Seek Him and you shall find